Your Step By Step Guide

At Pamper Yourself we provide a range of products that are chosen specifically to enhance relaxation in Pamper sessions from home. Our aim is to provide our customers with a Spa-at-home experience. Our ‘Pamper Yourself!’ Box includes everything you’ll need for a beauty night in. 

We have provided you with steps on how to use the box below;

Pamper Box ‘STEPS’ 
1. Open the box. 
2. Embrace your products. 
3. Light your incense stick.
4. Light your candles. 
5. Open your fairy lights and place them in your favourite spot. 
6. Brew your tea. 
7. Have a bath (use your bath bomb)
8. Apply your face mask. 
9. Apply your hand cream. 
10. Apply your fragrance oil. 
11. Grab your biscuit treat (and your tea) 
12. Turn off the lights and put on a movie. 
13. Wash off your face mask.
14. Apply hand sanitiser. 
15. Sleep.